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Me, Abhishek Jain from India, the land of yoga. My journey to yoga started 2 years ago. It was not an organized thing.

In 2017 I was suffering from UTI (Urinary tract Disease). It is a scary disease if you hunt on the internet. I ever got frightened and physician recommended me for the surgery.

I was left hollow and started looking about it on google. More I knew about it, anxiety and depression took over me. My physical and psychological level started depleting. I developed insomnia and left feeling difficulty in breathing.

The physician recommended me anti-depression & sleeping pills. Life had become pathetic. I started feeling insecure. I left feeling troubled about my family. It was like living in hell.

Those times were disheartening. I am grateful to my parents and family as they remained beside me, and constantly making me feel secured.

Days passed by, I agreed for surgery. It was a success. Post-surgery when I got back into my senses I felt that life was not that evil as I was pondering.

I had pain but yet could see myself moving. This drove my brain to think positive. I recovered, but still I was on my pills. I craved to get rid of them.

As I became addicted to them. Dependency on medicines was increasing. I had to take them for avoiding continuous negative thoughts and likewise for sleeping.

I knew yoga and meditation help in enhancing psychological condition. I was now working to deal with the clusters. But how to start? I was not an early riser, neither a sportsman.

Thankfully One of my friends supported me and urged me to join Yoga classes.

At first I was hesitant, but my urge to fight, forced me to attend the first yoga class. I had simply one thought on my mind, to avoid those medicines.

Class started, I heard before that the yoga teacher was a retired Indian air force officer. He was an extraordinarily strict and controlled man.

When I first faced him he inquired why you choose to join? I stated my problems to him. “I constantly have negative thoughts, like now I will die, I had to take medicines to sleep, etc…”.

He halted me and announced to leave the class. I went very disappointed I joined my hands and appealed for mercy. I didn’t have any hope left.

He replied if I repeat my problem then I could not attend his class. I caught the signal. I was expressing my problems alone. This was simply spreading negative vibrations to myself.

Now my mind received some lights of hope. I started pondering about the solution rather than the problem. We all called him Guruji. Our class was distinct. The class was for 1 hour 30 minutes daily morning.

First 15 minutes, we used to study some religious textbooks. Guruji explained to us their direct relationship with our life.

Next 45 minutes Guruji, usually picked up an extremely fascinating subject on our body. Make us learn about its function, and how yoga helps in getting it better.

Practicing Yoga was merely 30 minutes. Later I figured out that he was training our mind for yoga. I knew it’s a mind game body will follow.

It was a turning point in my life. I started rising at 5:30 am. We were asked to join the class after bathing only. My mom also accompanied me.

Guruji on the 1st class ordered me to quit medicines. I became frightened as I was dependent on them. But his initial figure on my brain generated a deep positive impression.

I quit taking medicines on the first day itself. And He knew well when I required his hold.

I pay my gratitude to him. Today I am a fit human with stronger determination and belief. Everything because of Yoga. I think I drew you deep, anyways, I wanted to establish that Yoga is an effective ancient healing science.

Through this blog, I prefer to preach yoga and its benefits. I said preach because Yoga is a religion. With no caste structure or discrimination.

Everyone should learn this because, ‘health is the sole wealth we all have, rest is ashes’.

I am not a yoga master but will preach what masters have to reveal about Yoga. I carry a serious analysis of a subject. And try to present my part of knowledge. I believe I may also get wrong at once, so, I will appreciate it if someone corrects me.

On this site we always showcase interesting facts about Yoga, health, and benefits. Your comments will be always valued.

I also exhibit some wonderful products available across the internet for all. I filter out the best of them but request you to do some analysis before seeking them.

I anticipate my blogs will excite you to start and experience the magic. As you broaden your yoga practice, you love the benefits you get, it’s never too late to start.

Ask me to analysis on any subject linked to yoga. I will help you out. It will be excellent if you ever share your learning I will certainly post them on my blogs with your name credits.

Lots of affectionate wishes,

Love for my young beginners…


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