Autosuggestion is the answer, how to get up early? Its easy!

Get up early, to boost your both physical and mental health. Autosuggestion helps.

Hi Guy, Yes I can understand you well. Same thing I was facing till I got this secret– Autosuggestion taught me how to get up early.

From childhood we heard “Early to bed early to rise make a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. But how a lot of you agree with it? It’s still a chunk of vain advice.

No, I am not blaming you as me too thought the same. Lifestyle has become such, and we get trap in all unhealthy habits thinking of them as a class component. We go to pubs, return late feel hangover when we get up. It has become our lifestyle.

Do you come back right here for all the things cited above?

No, my pricey friends, all the above matters are what we all recognize. Here comes the twist. These thoughts lure us. We know that these are not good for us, but nonetheless, we don’t keep away from them. We leave everything for tomorrow.

Is that tomorrow ever coming?

You consider starting a healthy way of life but in no way able to begin it. This is because of a lack of positive auto-suggestion. Everyone has this feature.

You must have heard all that successful people are early risers.

How to get up early? – Its simple, give your brain positive autosuggestion to get up early in the morning.

Don’t agree with it? Here I will show you.

When we travel in flights, and our plane gets into the cloud. Air hostess tells us “Keep your seat straight, tie your seat belts and relax”. The word “relax sends a positive signal to the brain to relax.

Word relax plays a crucial role to stay positive. Imagine if air hostess tells like “Don’t panic we are getting excessive turbulence. We’re caught into clouds. Please don’t get panic, tie up your seat belt and pray”. Funny, right?

Now in both situations are identical. Word “relax” performs an important role that you don’t get scared and stay calm.

This is auto-suggestion. The major issue to begin a healthy lifestyle is getting up early. This you all will agree to. You have endless reasons to justify yourself.

“Sleep late so can’t get up early”

“Take medicinal drug so discover it difficult”

“Return from office late so couldn’t make getting up early”

“Traveling often, so want rest”

“Have a new-born kid so he doesn’t sleep”

“Going for night duty so not possible to get up early,” and endless…

Trust me, no reason will stop you from getting up at 4:00 am when you have to catch your flight.

Please let me know any of you who reveals it hard catching a morning flight? They are the cheapest, and you’ve the whole day to work.

We have trained our mind that way. We have made all meaningless things our priorities. Tell me, what you will do creating lots of wealth losing your health for it?

Think when you will have all luxury and your doctor says you can’t enjoy pizza as your cholesterol levels are high. Does it make sense?

Fix our priorities right.

In most cases, your family is your top priority. Family is what for you are earning. You all want to give our family all luxury you missed in our life.

But how you will make them happy being on the deathbed? Your unhealthy way of life will lead you to a diseased life in a later stage.

Do I speak tough? Think with your sacred soul. Remember, your priority must always be your health. Ask a cancer affected person, what he needs?

You already know the answer. He will tell you he wants to live more. Lots of remorse feeling you will discover in him for the time he wasted in the phantasm of comfort.

Likewise, for parents don’t tell you children “don’t do this or don’t do that”, rather tell them what they should do. You experience that everything is changing. Your kids will start listening to you as they sense you aren’t preventing them. They will understand actually what to do.

In grueling times, what we ought to do? Blame or learn? We should learn from it to avoid getting into the same difficulty again. We need to educate our brains. Things will fall our way.

In a depressing time, what we need to get out of it? Endless hope or hopeless end.

Ask yourself. Everyone will say endless hope. Try to find a possibility in tough times. If you get stuck finding difficulties, you will have a hopeless end.

How to get up early? Is very easy to achieve. Autosuggestion and consistency will lead to success.

Einstein always said, “You generate compound interest with consistency”. Stick to the solution and try for it. Success will soon embrace you.

Change your perception. Keep health as a prime priority. You will see getting up early will be very easy. Everything is hard until it gets easy.

Remember a drop of water when fall on stone, get shattered. But after falling on the same stone, drop after drop it creates a hole in it. We are human. Nature has blessed us with a beautiful brain. Use it and see the magic.

Continuous positive Autosuggestion will make get up early.

Good teaching creates good thoughts. In return, thought creates respectful behavior. This makes your goodwill in the market. God-will make your business grow. So all starts with Good teaching.

The best teacher for you is you. Yes, you can teach yourself best as you know where you are lacking. Remember the responsibility is yours. So action should be yours too.

It is true of all things we need to achieve. Give positive auto-suggestion to your brain to get up early. Tell the benefits of getting up early to your brain.

Getting up early is a problem for you. Don’t think of problems rather than focus on goals. Goals may be anything always instruct your mind to get diverted from problems to solutions.

Carry out your passion in the morning. Imagine how beautiful rising sun looks. Anything which you feel excites you. Start doing your hobbies early in the morning.

Start clicking pictures of nature in the morning. anything you adore doing, which may have left because of lack of time. This may ignite your urge to get up early. Believe me, you will wake up earlier than your alarm gets off.

Yoga can also be an easy option, as you can start from home itself. Learn about simple yoga aasans which will change your health. Simple practices may bring an enormous difference in your mental health. Autosuggestion works miracle.

I am sure you will use autosuggestion as tool to get up early in return you will feel the magic of being healthy.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Jain

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