Still eating sea salt? Consider the benefits of Himalayan salt!

Artificial Iodine

Salt is a vital ingredient in your daily diet. Himalayan salt has amazing benefits over iodized salt. Himalayan salt is commonly known as rock salt.

But do you know which salt to eat? Are you eating iodized sea salt available in the market? 

Beware! You are prey to many multinational salt manufacturers. They are playing with your health.

Surprised? It shocked me also.

You have many types of salt available in the market. Common salt or iodized sea salt, Himalayan salt or rock salt & Black Salt.

Have you ever thought about the process of making eating salt? Come today we will tell you about salt.

We will let you know about the benefits of Himalayan Salt or rock salt and tell you why you should not eat common sea salt.

Rock Salt

Origin of Himalayan Salt

Rock Salt is not made, it is natural. Rock Salt ‘ or ‘ Saindhava Salt, Lahori salt, are common names in the entire north Indian subcontinent.

Which means they came from the area of sindh or sindhu. There are huge mountains and tunnels of salt. Rock salt is collected from these mountains. It comes in big rock-like shape but now you can also get in powder form.

Rock salt or Saindhava Salt is the best for your heart. It helps in gaining appetite and easy digestion. Himalayan salt works miracle as remedies for tridōṣa (Baata, Pitta & Khafa). It increases the secretion of digestive juices and helps in better digestion. So, let’s come out of the sea salt affair and start using Rock Salt in your daily needs.

Iodised salt – a business trick

In India, before 1930, no one ate sea salt. During British Rule, many foreign salt companies landed in India for business. From then onward they made innocent people of India fool and started feeding them sea salt.

Companies started advertising about iodized sea salt. Where Rock salt was available in Rs 2/Kg, they sold iodized sea salt at Rs 8/kg. 

Companies spread rumors about the deficiency of Iodine in the Indian population. The game was to sell more iodized sea salt to make huge profits.

The same trend is prevailing now also; you all eat iodine sea salt. 

When the world is opting for natural salt for daily needs we are not educated about it.

Denmark banned iodized salt in 1956. They observed most populations became impotent. The population became very low so, they had to ban iodine salt.

In India, greedy leaders made a law that banned selling salt without iodine. Later a layer filed a lawsuit and then the court removed the ban. In India before some years no one knew about iodized salt.

Keep reading we will unfold many reasons you will love to eat Himalayan salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt or Rock salt:

Benefits of Rock Salt

The use of rock salt controls blood pressure and various serious diseases. Rock salt is not acidic; it is alkaline. When the alkaline mix with acid, it becomes neutral. As the acidity of blood ends, it cures 48 diseases.

Himalayan salt is completely soluble in the body. It is pure and sacred also. While fasting devotees use rock salt in their diet. Sea salt is not allowed and can defile your fasting. So think how can it be beneficial for your body.

Himalayan Salt provides 97 vital nutrients in the body! Due to the lack of these nutrients, you have the risk of paralysis attack (paralysis). Ayurveda says that Rock salt keeps Tridosha – Batta, Pitta & Kaffa away. 

Major benefits of Himalayan salt It is helpful in digestion.

Potassium and magnesium are also found in rock salt, which is beneficial for the heart. This is also used in many Ayurvedic medicines and digestive powder.

Metabolism is a function that maintains cells of your body healthy. Rock salt stimulates the metabolism of your body. It keeps your body functioning better.

Low sodium harms you. Poor sleep, mental problems, and seizure are common diseases caused due to low sodium. Adding sendha namak or Himalayan salt in your food is a good option to maintain sodium levels.

Promotes Weight Loss

promotes weight loss.

Thinking of losing weight? Leave sea salt and opt for sendha namak or rock salt. Himalayan salt reactivates insulin in your body, thus reduces sugar cravings.

Eating low sugar results in weight loss. Sprinkle some sendha namak of fruits instead of Sea salt.

Promotes Sleep

Promotes Sleep

Experts say that sleep of 8 hours is vital for the human body to function. Your body needs 8 hours of sleep to rest and regenerate body cells after tiring day’s work.

Rock salt helps in regulating melatonin levels in the body. It helps in achieving a proper sleep cycle.

Reduces Stress

Bathing with Himalayan salt mixed water relaxes stressed mind

Feeling stressed? Rock salt is a readymade recipe for relaxing body and mind. One tablespoon of rock salt in half bucket of water for a relaxing bath. It’s an ancient technique for bathing. People were bathing with water mixed with rock salt for relaxing.

Many Spa nowadays provides this recipe against a remarkable amount of money. 

Purifies Air

Himalayan salt lamp purifies air.

Rock salt is a natural ionic air purifier. It reduces airborne irritants, allergen & pathogens by sucking moisture out of the air. It filters toxins from the air and neutralizes the environment.

Many rock salt products are available in the market. A Himalayan salt lamp will give your room or office a classy feel.

Due benefits of Himalayan salt many Vastu experts advise to keep Himalayan salt in a bowl and place it in the bedroom.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Himalayan salt makes skin glowing.

Rock salt is also a great skin cleanser. It removes clogged pores of the skin. Put some rock salt into any regular face wash. It removes toxins out of the skin making it healthy.

You can also use it as a body scrub by mixing it with lemon and honey.

Reduces Edema 

Himalayan salt reduces Edema

Edema happens due to fluid retention in the body’s tissues, resulting in swelling. Most times you can see it as swelling in legs. Soaking your feet in water mixed with rock salt reduces swelling and pain. You can treat any kind of pain through the same therapy.

Promotes Healthy Hair

Everyone likes to have healthy hair. But usually due to pollution and harsh climate hair suffer a lot. Now you have a magical formula. 

Mix rock salt with your regular shampoo and wash your hair. It helps to restore hair by removing dirt without damaging your hair.

Helpful in Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a very common problem faced by many of you. Rock Salt is the solution for getting quick relief.

Mix Rock salt, neem powder & Triphala powder each one teaspoon. Massage your bleeding gums for some time and wash it with water. Relief from the pain will amaze you.

less known benefits of Himalayan Salt.

There are many other benefits of Himalayan salt (rock salt). I mentioned which are of daily use. Give it a try to experience the magic.

iodized salt has artificial Iodine

Iodised Sea salt is dangerous for your body.

Sea Salt you eat is the artificial form of salt. Human-made it in the factories by adding industrial iodine to it. Artificial salt is always dangerous for your body.

Natural iodine is available in many fruits and vegetables. The dairy product also has natural iodine in it. Potatoes is the most liked vegetable and has natural iodine in it. If you prefer Non-Veg then eggs have iodine in it. So if we get natural iodine available then why to eat industrial iodine?

Sea Salt is acidic. It makes blood acidic which attracts 48 serious diseases. like high blood pressure & Diabetes. This salt is not 100% dissolvable in water.

The body needs 23 times water to get rid of excess inorganic sodium chloride. Deposited sodium chloride results in kidney stones and many kidney’s related diseases.

Pollution has become a major problem for the human race. Oceans are not left untouched. Toxins like plastic, tin & petrochemicals are making sea polluted. Salt collected from the sea has many toxins in them.

Tricalcium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Alumino Silicate. These chemicals are ingredients for cement manufacturing. Shocking to know while making iodized sea salt these are also used. They make your vein’s walls hard and may also result in blockage. They also can obstruct oxygen circulation in your body.

After knowing the benefits of Himalayan salt consider avoiding artificially iodized salt and opt for Himalayan salt as it also has natural iodine in it. It is foolish eating sea salt for iodine. This is like adding Vitamin D to salt for treating a deficiency of it.

Disclaimer : All information are collected from internet for reader’s comfort. PreachYoga doesn’t guarantee any cure for any disease in above article. We have done research on the topic and collected all information for the beneficial of all.

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