How to Sun gaze for health & happiness? It’s a Miracle

Sun gazing is an ancient practice to activate brain and achieve healthy body.

Sun, the center on the solar system is the primary source of energy for all living beings on earth. Plants grow with sunlight and give us food to eat. We can’t imagine life without the Sun. Each and everything that exists has direct relation with the sun. Morning brings life to the nature. Plants grow, flower blossoms, fruit ripens all these happens due to sun. To sun gaze is the easiest ways to ripe off the health benefits.

Our ancestors worshiped Sun as God of health and happiness. Ancient Vedic text states “Sun can heal anything”. Hindus recite sacred Gayatri Mantra as a prayer to the Sun God. Sun is additionally referred to as “Suryanarayan”. In Yoga, Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation benefits the body as an exercise and it’s a practice to worship Sun God.

What we are doing?

Contradicting the law of nature, we have started avoiding sunlight. Wrong notions are creeping in our minds, that Sunlght causes cancer. Its a myths.

95% of the total time we remain indoor. Our generation has turned into an indoor generation.

It leads us to scary results. We are not able to see it now, but after next 1o-15 years it will be alarming for our health.

Lack of sunlight results in Depression. Brain stops secreting happy hormones resulting in stress and depression.

Start gaining weight. Metabolism of the body gets disturbed. We start gaining weight resulting in Obesity.

Bones get thinner and weak. Lack of Vitamin D leads to weaker bone development and proper maintenance of bone health.

Leads to sleep disorder. We are getting very less quality sleep resulting in tiredness and laziness.

We suffer from disease like diabetes, large intestine cancer, skin disease. Sunlight play very important role in building immune system of our body.

Multi-organ malfunction. Almost all organ start malfunctioning due to lack of sunlight.

Sunlight is food for our body cells. But now our body is starving for sunlight all the time.

Fancy gadgets have replaced our outdoor activities. Our home has become so fancy with lifestyle products that we don’t wish to leave. Gadgets have replaced Nature and artificial lights have replaced sunlight.

From morning to night-time we tend to live in a closed environment. From work to sports to shopping all you have changed to a point that nothing desires us to urge out. And times we step out, we wear clothes and sunscreen cream So, no specs of sunlight fall on our skin. We have adapted to live indoors. Yet God has not adapted our body to live without sunlight.

Sunlight is a biological need for us. And since we’re not getting enough Sunlight, several things are getting down for our health. Most of us start feeling unhappy. Stress, anxiety & depression has become a typical state of mind. We’re on pills to feel happy.

How can be happy shutting ourselves in darkness?

Some of us are feeling hard to sleep and others face difficulty in breathing. Lack of sunlight also affecting our children’s ability to learn and remember. and are getting weak in academics and health.

At a physical level it’s softening our bones. At a young age several diseases are becoming common. Osteoporosis, cervical, arthritis, constant knee, and back pain are common health issues.

Lack of sunlight is disrupting the natural functioning of our organs. Our Pancreas, ovaries, and heart malfunctioning.

We suffer with diseases like diabetes, PCOD, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, acne & psoriasis. High blood pressure, stress & depression also are getting common.

It’s a alarming situation for all us. But believe me, the solution is very easy.

Now let’s discuss what to do?

Simple, we have to come out from Indoors to get some sunlight. Sunlight has to come back into our lives again.

Surprisingly our ancestors knew to use sunlight for healing! Sun gazing was practiced all over the world.

In Germany, during World War I, they used sunlight to treat war wounds. When troopers fighting within the war got gunfire wounds. Rather wrapping wounds with clothes they exposed it to the Sun for many hours daily. They used sunlight as an antiseptic to clean up the injuries.

In Rome they practiced solar architecture. Rome Architects had to consider health while designing buildings. They designed buildings with most sunlight getting inside.

In Greece, they used heliotherapy. They used sunlight as medication. All across Europe they had heliotherapy clinics. They placed patients on sunbeds for much of the day. Dramatic results seen in the natural curing of all kinds of diseases. They treated burns, ulcers, anemia & several skin diseases through Sunlight.

Italy designed sunlit hospital rooms for patients. Patients kept in these rooms healed much quicker than traditional rooms. All across the planet sunlight acted as an efficient natural curing element.

But such a common factor has turned uncommon for us. So come on, make your body a piece of marvel by Sun charging daily.

Sun Charging? We know phone charging, laptop charging but yes our body also needs charging.

So How to Sun Charge?

By Sun Gazing – an art to stare at the Sun to receive blessing & energy from the God of health and happiness.

Sun Gaze is the easiest way to sun charge your body. It helps in getting rid of many ailments, feel happy and healthy.

To Sun Gaze is an ancient practice. It’s not something new. But do it when sun is not bright at all. In the early morning during sunrise or the evening when Sunsets.

The greatest gift of mother nature, we humans enjoy is “Brain”. But we hardly use 8-10% of it.

God has gifted us with such immense power. But a major part of the brain stays dormant, because no sunlight is reaching it.

Sunlight acts as a power supply for the brain. If the brain gets this power supply, it can work wonders. Sunlight can reach your brain quickest through our eyes. Eye is an extended part of the human brain. But yes, eyes are very delicate organs also.

So while we Sun gaze we need to be careful and take care to prevent any damage to the eyes. Eyes act as windows of the brain.

How to Sun Gaze?

Look at the Sun with our naked eyes. It is very easy, look at the sun such as we look at the TV. It’s okay to blink while doing it.

When to do it?

Only throughout safe hours of the sun. First hour of sunrise and the last hour of sunset. There’s no ultraviolet rays at these times. Never sun gaze in the afternoon, it may damage your eyes.

How long to it?

About 15 minutes in total. When we begin looking at the sun, after some time our thoughts disappears. Everything within the background gets blurred and turns dark. Only the Sun remains visible. Do it as per your convenience. If you miss in the morning, then do it in the evening. You can also do it both times.

Some day if because of clouds or due to some inevitable work, you miss it, don’t get upset. Re-start it once more from the next day. Be consistent to find amazing benefits.

If possible while Sun gazing, stand straight barefooted on the ground. Earth is holding the power of sunlight for thousands of years. Earth will transfer that to your body through your feet.

Do not wear any glasses or contact lenses while sun gazing.

When we stare at the Sun, our eyes receive powerful photons of energy from the sun. They go to the brain and from there to your entire body. As a result, it benefits whole body. You’ll have a sun charged body.

Sun gazing is free for all.

Here are some benefits of Sun Gazing:

Energy levels increase leading to the supercharged day.

The strength of eyes improves resulting in better vision.

Stress gets reduced so you’ll be able to concentrate on work.

The immune system becomes stronger. You’ll be able to fight against any infections.

Many old diseases will get cured or reversed.

You will experience enhanced consciousness for clearer thinking.

Positive thoughts will start coming resulting in better situation handling capacity.

Appetite will get reduced resulting in weight loss. Most of the nutrients you will get from the sun itself.

And the best part is you’ll feel much more happiness and calmness inside yourself.

Some amazing refernces to explains more about benefits of Sunlight and sun gazing.

Sun exposure can reverse diabetes | Sunlight reduces high blood pressure | Lack of sunlight causes depression | Sunlight does not cause cancer | Sunscreen causes cancer

So, I urge you to give 15 minutes daily to yourself. Do it at sunrise for best results. If you find difficult to rise up early read this. Practice Sun gazing and be happy ever after.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Jain

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