Top 9 ways Yoga benefits your precious quality life!

Yoga benefits aren’t a secret today. Abundance of information is available online to get depth of Yoga benefits on health. But our lifestyle is taking us away from quality life. This is my major concern I have tried to express my experience in very simple words. I strongly believe this article will surely inspire you for quality life.

Below are top 9 Yoga benefits, which will amaze you. Simple and easy poses for Yoga beginners can also help in improving life. So read till the end for knowing top 9 Yoga benefits.

Yoga improves flexibility and endurance

Yoga improves flexibilty

Yoga makes our body flexible and increases endurance. Aasans stretch muscles and joints to their extreme range of motion. Making them more free or loose for the movement. Regular practice improves flexibility and endurance for your body.

You have to hold your position for a few time whereas performing yoga aasans and even have to repeat it many times. This leads to better mobility and enhances the performance of your body.

Yoga helps with OCD & anxiety

Yoga help in OCD & Anxiety

Yoga, combined with pranayama and vedic chanting helps in managing OCD and anxiety. Aasans helps in easing physical discomfort caused by anxiety.

Anxiety get stored in your both and creates pain and discomfort. Yoga reduces panic and pain and also useful in managing anxious thoughts. Meditation & Yoga works miracles for both physical and mental health.

Yoga improves body strength

Want a broader chest, solid biceps, and macular legs? Yoga not only helps in flexibility and anxiety, yet it can even make you stronger.

While practicing yoga you have got to place your body in several positions. And the muscles of your body supports the whole body weight. it is like lifting your weight as a weight lifter does. 

There are specific yoga aasans you can practice to tone different parts of your body. It also lowers the risk of injury. Which is higher in the case of bodybuilding through different activities. Like weight lifting or Aerobics. 

Yoga tones the muscles of each part of the body, making a balanced development. It not only makes the body stronger yet also helps the body in performing better in day to day activities.

Yoga improves Blood Circulation

Yoga improves blood Circulation.

Yoga aasans rushes blood to all organs. It supplies more oxygen to your cells resulting in better functioning of body organs. Stretch poses helps in exhausting impurities of blood from internal organs. And supply more oxygen in the blood to flow in.

Headstand, shoulder stand poses helps in the flow of blood from legs and pelvis back to the heart. Then it goes to the lungs and oxygenated. This helps in curing various kidney problems and swelling of legs.

Yoga boosts hemoglobin levels in the blood that carries oxygen to the tissues. It additionally helps to maintain cholesterol levels. Preventing clotting of a blood protein that leads to heart attack.

So yoga not just improves blood circulation but also helps in curing many illnesses of the body.

Yoga improves cardiovascular fitness

Yoga benefits in quality life

When we talk about cardiovascular fitness, we think of aerobics, running, or jumba. The activity that increases your heart rate into a range, at which you’re training your heart.

Yoga kriyas like Surya Namaskar, Pranayams, and advanced yoga can elevate heart rate. You can take your heart rate to the aerobic range and can train your heart. It in turn improves the health of your heart.

There are various fast forms of yoga developed nowadays. Regular practice can offer results as higher as any cardio exercise.

Yoga improves your sleep

Yoga improves your sleep and create quality life

While talking about sleep, let us talk about why you don’t get proper sleep? Reasons may be many, Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, hypertension are just a few to state.

The best thing yoga will do for you is, it reduces stress. Yoga lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) levels within the brain. Reduced cortisol level helps in cutting back stress. Yoga increases consciousness of the brain, leading to a reduction of cortisol. 

If you spend nights thinking of what to do in the future, then Yoga will help a lot. Conscious brain can think clearly and can make better decisions.

Many of you suffer from hyperarousal. this means you usually think of what happened in the past or can happen next and can’t sleep. even if you’re tired, your nervous system remains active. thus you don’t get proper sleep.

Regular yoga practice activates your parasympathetic nervous system. It helps in getting you asleep. Yoga also helps in secreting progesterone in your body. Progesterone regulates the production of GABA, a neurotransmitter that helps in sleep.

Yoga help with depressive disorders:

Yoga help with depressive disorders. Health is affected worse by Depression.

Yoga involves different body poses, breathing exercises, and meditation. It helps in the reduction of depression, better concentration.

Yoga is a powerful tool to assist get rid of depression. Meditation with physical movements are 2 vital factors for easing depression.

Meditation facilitates in making an individual calm and help them in clear thinking. It helps in maintaining the proper body-mind connection.

Yoga helps in maintaining serotonin levels in your brain. Proper serotonin levels regulate mood and social behaviour. It also helps in proper appetite and digestion. Sleep and sexual desire are also affected by lower serotonin levels.

Proper level helps in fighting depression. As yoga focuses on deep and controlled breathing, it helps in depressive thoughts.

Yoga help with stressors

Yoga help with stressors. Stress management in must for your health & quality life

It will be not wrong to mention that today you all face stress everywhere. Stress at a job, in business or at home, your life has become used to it.

Stress management is currently a term of gossip and a chapter in your management studies. Everybody talks about it however very rarely people act to tackle it.

DOPAMINE is a hormone that brings happiness and consciousness of wellbeing. When it gets secreted, it creates feelings like happiness, joy, and pleasure.

Due to stress brain stops secreting these happy hormones. You start feeling depressed and unhappy. 

Yoga and meditation are both games of breathing. Your brain starts concentrating on each breath coming in and going out. With regular practice you will note that negative thoughts start disappearing. Your brain stops thinking unwantedly.

This gives your brain time to rest. now the brain begins secreting dopamine and you start feeling happy and relaxed.

Yoga improves quality of life:

Yoga creates Quality Life and good health

Mostly is cities, people lead a really unhealthy life. Late night parties, waking up late, junk foods, no proper meals, lack of fitness & stress full work are few of them.

It leads to poor health and also impact on the relationship between members of the family. Cases of domestic violence and divorces are increasing day by day.

This is also affecting small children. They lack the confidence and capability to handle situations. 

But there’s also the opposite aspect of this. Individuals nowadays have gotten more aware of the advantages of being healthy. individuals are thinking about keeping mental health good.

The growth in the fitness industry shows people have started working on their fitness. More awareness leads to a better life. People now know that they can’t reduce stress creating elements but can learn how to handle it.

Here Yoga plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health. Above we’ve discussed about yoga benefits. All this results in a better quality of life.

The best thing is that, you don’t need much preparation to start yoga. Just need a good Yoga mat and airy space. Many yoga programs are available to learn from. So what’s now stopping you to start?

Yoga leads to quality life and good health

So it clear, Yoga if practiced religiously benefits in a better quality of life. You will experience good health & the brain will lead to better-operating skills.

Lets learn to train your brain and start doing yoga. Once you achieve to practice yoga regularly, you will feel the magic. Yoga benefits and develop quality life.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Jain

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