Yoga Challenge – 5 things to make yoga a daily affair.

Life will be amazing just take these yoga challenge.

As the title suggests, consistency is the major draw back in practicing Yoga daily. Below are 5 majors  Yoga challenge you face to become Yogi.

Some Interesting facts:

Everyone knows yoga is boon for healthy living but taking action on it is real Challenge.

Let’s Say 100 people think of doing Yoga.

90 people remain just thinking. They don’t take any action on it.

10 of them make a brave move and start practicing yoga.

8 out of these 10 persons, stop doing it in 1st week itself.

Only 2% of people who ever thought of doing Yoga, actually start and stick to yoga.

They are the ones who experience the wisdom. We call them Yoga Elite class. Do you want to be in this class?

Is Yoga a difficult affair to Start? Yoga Challenge No. – 1

The first challenge is to start. But how? Many of you get actually stuck over here.

For it, start watching some YouTube videos related to yoga. Watch the person and think of yourself in his or her place. Feel you have become that fit and flexible. In your subconscious mind, make an image of yourself in your best health condition.

After a few videos you will ignite the wish of doing it yourself. This is a very easy way to start. Arrange a good Yoga mat & start Yoga from your living room only.

How to keep motivated to Continue? Yoga Challenge No -2

When you start doing yoga, normaly you have a strong belief in getting immediate results. In 2-3 days you start feeling good.

Your mind feels good as you have taken action on your dream. As you have accomplished the first step. While practicing yoga for a week unknowingly your brain starts feeling the pain of the body. It’s like eating pizza daily you will not have the same joy left. Your brain compares pain vs joy and you stop doing yoga.

What to do for consistency in yoga?

We need to understand some basic things. Yoga is an ancient science for keeping our body and mind fit.

Yoga is not limited to exercise for fitness whereas it’s a whole way of living healthy. It’s a lifestyle.

Formula is to ‘train your brain’. Yes, you heard it right and It is easy to train your brain. Change the way of thinking about anything, it will show you the brighter side of it.

But How to train your brain?

The answer is learning. Learning or knowing about it can only change your way of thinking. Read one topic related to yoga before practice as a result you will get to know new things about yoga.

Hence this will unfold new horizons day after day about yoga and its benefit. As a result your mind will be curious and will always get motivated.

See how it work. One of my millionaire friend was having a very stressful life and it was due to his business. Life was getting miserable day by day.

He was not getting quality sleep. He always felt weak and lazy. Unhealthy lifestyle and work pressure made him like that. His best friend advised him very a small exercise.

He said, “sit and one place and start taking a deep breath. Hold it in your stomach for 15 seconds and leave it. Do it 30 – 40 times in one set. Do daily 2 times, one before sleeping and also in the morning ”. He took his advice as it was very easy to do.

In a week he started feeling better. He became energetic and lowered his stress levels too. He experienced the magic of yoga.

And today he is the one who motivates me. Think how it changes. Reading daily new benefits of yoga helps your mind getting the feeling of doing it daily.

Understanding pain: Yoga Challenge No-3

we should know one thing while doing yoga. There is good pain and bad pain.

In initial days you will observe that you start getting pain when you stretch. And as you relax pain vanishes in that case It’s good pain.

Sometimes you will also observe that Pain remains and gets worse. It’s bad pain. Bad pain is the result of practicing the wrong way.

Now something interesting.

During practicing yoga, you feel pain as our muscles get stretched. Let’s say today you feel pain in shoulders and next day you feel pain in your thighs.

Do you know? That pain shifts. Pain changes its position while your body muscles get relaxed.

If you are feeling pain at the same point for a longer period? Then my dear friend, you are stuck in one place.

So, pain must shift for good. It shifts when you hold one position for a minute or more. Let’s say you raise your both hands for stretching.

It’s very easy, right? But now hold it for one minute. You will start feeling pain. So it is important to hold in one position for one minute or more.

After putting hands down, you may feel good as your muscles may have relaxed due to stretching. Or you may not get the same feeling rather you may feel out of energy.

In both situations, keep yourself motivated as you know stretching is good for your body. It’s Important to seek proper knowledge as you proceed. Keep learning yoga and do it in the right way as a result you will always experience good pain.

Thats not enough. Challenge No-4

Now you have overcome all these challenges and have done yoga for let’s say 20 days without fail.

Your body will feel amazing and more energetic as a result you start feeling fit day after day. This is because your frozen muscles are getting sorted. and you feel amazing. Your energy flows from top to bottom.

You get pleased and overwhelmed with the results. As a matter of fact you start feeling confident about what you are doing. Yoga is doing miracle to your body. Now your brain has very high perception of yoga.

My dear friend! Please don’t get pleased and be careful because It’s a trap. You may not feel the same very next day.

Sudden fall in your feeling may make the day your last day for yoga.

So, Don’t get pleased with early results or get disappointed with the pain. What is more important is to focus on doing it every day.

Happy Conclusion: –

You have to succeed in avoiding good and bad feelings in this journey. As a result your body and mind will become fit & stronger day by day.

Yoga wil get you wisdom, As a result your brain will be above all the feeling of your body. And you will remain strong and healthy there after.

5 YOGA CHALLENGE to get consistency:

1. Ignite you mind and get start practicing yoga.

2. Train your mind by reading something every day.

3. Understanding pain. Good Pain & Bad pain. Pain should shift.

4. Never get pleased or get upset with the results.

5. Focus on doing it daily and make it part of your lifestyle.

Thanks for reading. This is continuation of my first post.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Jain

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