Yoga for beginners. It will be a fun. Stay tuned!

Thinking of starting Yoga? Believe me you will start loving it.

Namaste to all by visitors, we all make a lovely family as World. First of all, I want to welcome you to In India we call our guest as God. We are coming very soon with the magical world of Yoga, Meditation and Health for you all. Yoga for Beginners is the first step to start.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental & spiritual practice to achieve liberation from all kind of ailments.

It is a science of being healthy. It is a religion, a way of living. Similarly an art of discovering the almighty and practice to ignite hidden in our souls.

The life of people today is very stressed out due to their lifestyle. Our food habits are also a big concern.
We have started earning well but living less, seems like for living we have stopped to live. Funny yet true.

Good must be wondering what use human is doing of his brain. I feel today we have enough resources for learning but the intent to learn is getting extinct. Here Yoga for beginners will help. We will tell thousand of benefits for which u will love to learn.

Modern yoga has changed many lives including me. It pours energy of hope in a dying person hence he gets energy to fight against ailment as a result he gets well. Likewise Yoga is a miracle for many. It is about enlightening your soul and make your life simple and full of happiness.

Must need for today’s society. So in this Yoga for beginners we are trying to showcase miracles of yoga.

As we said Yoga for beginners we will start from this post itself. Just do as below and share your feeling in just 5 days.

Just 5 days to feel the magic, my Yoga beginners.

Sit on a chair straight. Relax your body. Rest both of your hands on thighs. Concentrate on out-breath.

Take a deep breath. Remember the air should blow your stomach, not your lungs while u breath in. Hold for 10 seconds and breath out.

Breathing out time should be 2 times slower than the time you took to fill the stomach with air. Do this 30 times in 2 sets daily, once in the morning and once in the evening before taking food. Repeat it for 5 days as a result you will feel the magic.

Please share your feelings in the comment section.

In my next article we will be a continue this post – Yoga for beginners, I will explain it. We will start with the basics. Yoga for beginners as a result any one can start doing it.

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Jain

NB: I am not a Yoga coach or consultant. I do deep research on Yoga & Meditation so love to spread the same as said by our great Yogis. We take all data from trusted sources. Again I can also be wrong at times I believe human is error! so I will be delighted and grateful, if you correct me. Please Contact on email:

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